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Meet MBI Drilling Products’ RF series Wireline Drill Rod. It boasts a proven thread form and a recessed load flank, and is designed for drilling to greater depths. This drill rod ensures highly reliable and consistent performance and expected depth ratings at every size. The strictest manufacturing processes and measurement controls are used to produce each drill rod, so our quality is extremely consistent.

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The RF Drill Rod is designed to adapt to your needs. It’s a reliable, resilient product that minimizes unforeseen downtime caused by damage or breakage, giving you peace of mind.

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Added Value

Spend more time coring and generating profits. The RF Drill Rod has an excellent quality/price ratio, proven efficiency and durability, very cost-efficient returns on your investment and a positive impact on your bottom line. What’s more, it’s a premium product that minimizes leakage and joint failure.

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More Durability

Suitable and efficient for surface and underground work alike, this rod pulls double duty for all types of drilling applications. With proper care and handling, there are fewer risks of premature wear or damage. The RF Drill Rod is a sturdy, stress-resistant product that guarantees steady performance and durability for consistent and positive results throughout its expected life cycle.

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Deeper Drilling

MBI Drilling Products’ RF Drill Rod, which features a modified thread form with an inverted thread flank, is made using only high-quality seamless alloy steel tubing. A double heat treatment process on the threaded section, combined with strict tolerances for tubing eccentricity, straightness, hoop stress and mechanical properties give this drill rod a solid joint seal, great flexibility, easy assembly and resistance to over-torquing. What’s more, it gives you a deeper drilling capacity.

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Stronger & Stronger

We bring you our extensive product catalogue for one-stop shopping and our top-notch experts who are always available to provide valuable advice and quick turnaround and reply times. We also guarantee timely delivery of all products, with the added benefit of improved remote technical support.

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With our complete line of products, we offer industry standard, innovative and patented products that can meet all your quality and application needs. We help you optimize the productivity and profitability of your drilling and coring operations.

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Our solid partnerships with world-class manufacturers VersaDrill, Pilot, and Premier allow us to stock products available. What’s more, with MBI you gain our exceptional customer experience.


January 15th 2020

RF Drill Rod