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Credibility that drives success stories

MBI Drilling Products is a manufacturing and distribution company

MBI Drilling Products offers a complete range of products. In addition to manufacturing some of these products ourselves, we are the exclusive distributor of several others. Years of experience have led us to discover exceptional suppliers, thus assuring our clients a leg up on the competition. Aside from distributing our products internationally through different manufacturing agents, we own branches in various regions throughout Canada and around the world.

Our mission

MBI Drilling Products manufactures and distributes drilling products for the global mining industry. We are committed to providing our clients with top-quality products and superior service at competitive prices, including a high standard for environmental performance.

 Our values

We are aware of the importance of providing the industry with the best products, and that is what we offer to our clients. We have not stopped innovating through the years, and our staff is committed to providing the highest quality service.